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USA and Canada named their 2020-21 National Teams

U.S. Figure Skating and Skate Canada announced recently their 2020-21 National athletes. The selected skaters consisted of men, women, pair and ice dance teams, and of course, synchronized skating teams.

Team Paradise: "Everything went as planned"

The Russian senior champion Team Paradise is back on the ice since early July. Even if strict health measures must be respected during the training, the skaters from Saint-Petersburg hopes that they will be able to travel this season.

Two synchro skaters design stickers, pins, and masks for an organization that helps LGBTQ+

The new Instagram page "Love in Synch" and the U.S. skater and designer Ava Privratsky have started a new collaboration. Their goal? Helping an LGBTQ+ youth organization by selling stickers, pins, and masks.

U.S. Synchro Skaters Learn Valuable Lessons Through Global Pandemic

As the United States learns how to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, rinks have slowly been able to reopen, allowing teams to begin their training. However, training looks much different with strict regulations and an increased focus on skaters’ mental wellbeing.

How to manage diversity on your synchro team?

In the last few months, we talked a lot about diversity in the world. One sure thing is that synchronized skating is diverse in all the senses.

"The skating culture needs to change"

The Senior team Magenta based in Great Britain is organizing a talk with the former figure American skater Gia Kokotakis about eating problems that may affect skaters.

Top 5 photos that made your eyes shine last season

Synchronized skating is above all a visual discipline. Elements on the ice, costumes, expressions... Let's go back to the five photos that were the most viewed last season!

Top 10 best synchro interviews of the past season

From Simoeemil Nurmela (FIN) and Hugo Chouinard (CAN) to Angelina Shapovalova (RUS) and Nadine Banholzer (SUI), here are the best interviews of the season 2019/2020.

Building a strong team from the very first minute of the season

On March 13th, Spain declared a national state of alarm due to the rising cases of Covid-19. The state of alarm lasted over three months, keeping people confined to their homes and skaters unable to step on the ice and practice the sport they love.

She found a new way to coach her synchro team during the summer

At 27 years old, Maja is certainly one of the few coaches who chose to continue to practise blocks, intersections, and circles... without going to the ice rink. Her team has swapped the blades for rollers during the summer, and even plans to participate in inline competitions soon.

Resumption of Skating in Canada

On March 13, 2020, the rinks closed due to Covid-19 in Canada, in order to limit the spread of the virus and thus protect the health of its inhabitants. What about the situation 5 months later?

What are the 5 most popular videos of the season?

You watched them over and over again during the season to appreciate their incredible energy, to analyze the steps sequences, or the creativity in the transitions... While summer is in full swing, discover the most popular programs of the 2019-2020 season on Jura Synchro.